Cribl Consulting Services

Right data. Right destinations. Right formats.

  • Is your organization struggling to manage the ever-increasing volume and complexity of your data?
  • Data pipelines that connect data sources to destinations are often complex and inefficient. This leads to data loss, delays, and increased costs.
  • Our Cribl Consulting offers a set of services to help your organization design, implement, and optimize its data pipelines. We have great experience with Cribl Stream, the powerful observability pipeline that can help you streamline data ingestion, transformation, and routing.

Use Cases with benefits

Simplify data onboarding: Get data from any source to multiple destinations, streamlining log ingestion and data onboarding for each new customer or tenant.

Reduce data storage costs: Ingest, parse, and route up to 1TB of data for free, significantly reducing your data storage costs drastically.

Get more out of your Splunk investment: Reduce your Splunk data ingest by up to 5%, saving you money on Splunk licenses.

Improve data quality: Identify and resolve issues more quickly to clean and normalize your data, ensuring that it is accurate and reliable.

Increase data visibility: Have a comprehensive view of your data, helping you to identify and resolve issues more quickly.

Work With Us To Control Your Data While Saving 40% Cost.

We create a custom plan that fits your unique needs. So don’t worry about anything.