JSON tool

Elevate your data efficiency: 50% less ingestion, 100% more performance.


  • Current Ingestion contains redundant or unnecessary information, resulting in larger payloads.
  • This strains your infrastructure, increases storage costs, and slows down data processing.
  • Not only this but the SIEM comes with hefty license costs. That’s where our JSON tool comes into play which you can read from the benefit section…

Benefits JSON tool helps you

  • 40-50% Ingestion Reduction.
  • Save on Infrastructure Costs like Storage.
  • No Loss of Information or Value.
  • No/Minor change required in existing Search/Reports/Alerts.
  • The best part is, there’s no con in JSON tool – and we can say proudly.

Results of our solution

  • Tested and implemented out for our customers and reduced  data source from 380GB Daily ingestion to 220 GB which  is 42% of reduction without loss of any value.
  • Sample of Event Before & After Conversion.