Cribl Managed Service

Scale Operations with less time on managing tools

  • We know your business is overwhelmed with a massive amount of data from various sources.
  • This data overload can be both helpful but challenging, meaning it gives you valuable insights but also creates a complex and disorganized data environment.
  • Managing and extracting value from this data is daunting, often requiring a team of experts and specialized tools.
  • To solve your problem and save cost, we help you with Cribl Managed Service.
  • Cribl is a unified data platform. It simplifies data operations, enabling organizations to collect, transform, and route data from any source to any destination with ease.
  • Centralize data management: Bring together data from all your sources into a single, unified platform. Transform data for analysis: Clean, normalize, and enrich data to make it ready for analysis. Route data to the right tools: Deliver data to the right destinations, including SIEMs, data lakes, and cloud storage,.

Use Cases with benefits

Accelerate data-driven decision-making: Gain faster insights from your data by streamlining data ingestion, transformation, and routing.

Reduce data management costs: Eliminate the need for multiple data management tools and reduce the time spent managing data infrastructure.

Improve data quality and consistency: Ensure data accuracy and reliability across your organization.

Increase data visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your data landscape.

Simplify data operations: Reduce the complexity of data management and free up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Onboard new customers fast: Bring on new customers fast by leveraging proven workflow

Work With Us To Control Your Data While Saving 40% Cost.

We create a custom plan that fits your unique needs. So don’t worry about anything.